Could Jeremy Corbell’s New Video Confirm Bob Lazar’s Employment at Secret UFO Base in Area-51?

After Travis Taylor, a former Pentagon scientist, called Bob Lazar a “Janitor” during a PhenomeCon 2022 event, the former journalist became a trending topic on Twitter. Many people believe that this was done to undermine Lazar’s credibility. However, Jeremy Corbell, a filmmaker, came to his defense and provided evidence that supports Lazar’s claims.

Lazar is a controversial figure who has been linked to alleged alien activities at the former Area-51 facility. For over three decades, he claimed to have worked on a secret project involving the design of extraterrestrial spacecraft.

George Knapp, an investigative journalist, should be commended for reporting on Lazar’s story in 1989. He told him that he was a scientist working at S-4, which was a government facility near the lake at which Area-51 was located. However, he did not provide evidence to support his claims.

Since then, the identity of Lazar as an alleged scientist at Area-51 has been the subject of discussion within the UFOlogy. Dr. Travis Scott, who also called him a janitor, has been seen publicly disproving his claims. Many people find this statement to be a direct attack on Lazar’s credentials. However, there are experts who have vouched for his work at Area-51.

Lazar, who was identified as a mysterious scientist, spoke to KLAS-TV in Las Vegas in 1989. He told the story of a project that involved the design of alien spacecraft. The program centered on a government facility called S-4, which was near the lake where Area-51 was located. Lazar’s claims about the facility and the nine unidentified objects that were found there were corroborated by the location of a nearby lake called Papoose Lake.

During his interviews, Lazar revealed details about the facility’s construction, including how the military tried to hide the structures at the site by using camouflage. The buildings were constructed at a devious angle.

Filmmaker Jeremy Corbell provided evidence that could support Lazar’s claims about the facility, including a video he shared with Knapp. In the video, Corbell talked about a civilian who allegedly snuck into Area-51 and visited the area.

According to the wagon train journal, he came across two sites: Nye Canyon and Papoose Lake. The former is where the carved rock inscription in 1849 was found. The lake bed is where the pioneers set up camp before scattering to Death Valley.

Many people have claimed that Jerry Freeman never saw anything unusual at the lake. However, Corbell noted that this account could be misleading as it contradicts what Lazar had said. He also shared a video of Jerry talking to Art Bell.

In his audio transcript, Freeman talked about what he witnessed during the night at the lake. He said that he saw security lights at the lake’s perimeter and that he felt vibrations. He initially thought that the noises were an earthquake. However, he later realized that it was not an earthquake. He continued to feel the vibrations for around two minutes.

During his interview, Jerry noted that he felt vibrations from the lake. He said that if the government had spotted him in the area, he might have been able to experience a powerful force lifting him up.

According to Knapp, he had talked to Freeman, who didn’t know what flying saucers were. He also noted that the former had no idea who John Lear and Bob Lazar were. According to him, Freeman said that he saw a door that suddenly opened up at night near the lake. He then said that as he went through the Nevada Test Site, he contracted cancer.

According to George Knapp, he had been able to speak with several former employees of Bob Lazar, who confirmed that he was a physicist. He only named Joe Vaninetti, who was one of the individuals who confirmed Lazar’s claims. Vaninetti was a prominent figure in the UFO research community and had been involved in the scientist’s activities before and after he claimed to have worked at the S-4 facility.

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